The Engineering Accreditation Council


The EAC is solely responsible to accredit engineering programmes in Malaysia that would enable graduates of accredited programmes to register with the BEM as Graduate Engineer. EAC is comprised of 17 persons Council, with six (6) representations from the BEM, six (6) representations from the IEM, one (1) each from the MQA and the JPA and three (3) representatives from the major industry. An equal balance between representatives from industry and academia is ensured within the EAC membership. The chair comes from the BEM and the deputy chair from the IEM. The EAC is the custodian of quality in engineering education, which it exerts through its accreditation policy and process. The EAC makes the decision on accreditation, which then requires endorsement from the BEM. Its independence is exhibited by its ability to be financially independent from the regular contribution by the Government of Malaysia.