Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) Visit 2014


EAC visit was held on 19 until 20 March 2014 which involves three programmes which are Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering. 9 panels from EAC, 2 representatives from Engineering Accreditation Department (EAD) and 4 observers from Pakistan were involved in this accreditation visit.


This evaluation was covered all aspects in terms of formulation and assessment of Programme Objectives and Outcomes with stakeholders (staff, students, alumni, industry) input, professional development of staff (OBE and assessment workshops), staff clear on the appropriate depth of knowledge and able to demonstrate the achievement, staff implement Continual Quality Improvement (CQI) at all levels, conduct curriculum benchmarking, students involvement during implementation of programme.

EAC was focused on Outcome-Based Engineering Education (OBE) Programme, Programme CQI and ensuring the expected engineering education level is maintained.